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“Luqman and Gabriel”

“Hey Luqman, now your searching finishes, I am the remedy of an immortal life.

Here after no more death to the animals and humanbeing”.


The upper sentence is a quote from the “Lokman Hekim” (Luqman) myth. It has been talled to “Lokman Hekim” while he was sleeping after he got tired of searching remedy to death and immortality. The myth takes part in Adana, Çukurova and the zone has been marked many times with its beauty and abundance during the expression. The music piece has ben inspired by the meeting of Lokman and Gabriel the Archangel who disguised as an old-poor man and by the all story while offering a listennig in a “Symphonic Poem” form. The music composition has been commisioned by Çukurova State Symphony Orchestra and Maestro Orhan Şallıel for “International Conducting Competition in Memoriam of Maestro Ferit Tüzün” which is a first in Turkey.


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