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Ferit Tüzün

Composer & Conductor

Born in Istanbul in 1929. At the age of 12 he started to study piano in Ankara State Conservatory. 9 years later he had his degree on piano and 2 years later in 1952 he also completed his composition degree with honors as the first of his class.

In 1954 he went to Germany with a State Scholarship and studied in Music Academy of Munich with Fritz Helmann, Kurt Eichhorn, Adolf Mennerich and G. E. Lessing. His composition works during this time were supported by Carl Orff and Amadeus Hartmann. During his years in Germany, the world premiere of  hisAnatolian Suite and Turkish Capriccio were performed by Munich Flarmonic. He composed his famous pice Humoresque, which would later on be renamed Nasreddin Hodja, after being commissioned by the same orchestra.


He returned to Turkey in 1959. He first was an assistant conductor in Ankara State opera and later on became the General Director of the Ankara State Opera and Ballet. In 1977 while he was still at this post, he passed away unexpectedly, at a very young age.

Ferit Tüzün, knew the melodic and rythmic sources of the Turkish music and incorporated them very well in his works.

However, he did not choose to use the folkloric themes directly and created his own unique melodies instead. The folkloric elements in his works are a mere reminder, however, by courtesy of his authentic themes and colorful orchestration he can appeal to the audiences of all ages and times.

His primary works

  • Anatolian Suite (1954)

  • Çeşmebaşı Ballet Suite (1958) and the Ballet (1964)

  • Turkish Capriccio (1956)

  • Humerosque (Nasreddin Hodja) (1957)

  • Ears of Midas Opera (1966-1969)

  • Esintiler (1965)

  • 6 Polyphonic Folk Songs (1964)


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